Thomas Tuchel has responded to Thiago Silva’s contract

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has responded to Thiago Silva’s contract that it is up to the player to give himself the opportunity.

         The Brazilian centre-back, who turned 37 on Wednesday, has continued to excel and is currently under contract until the summer of 2022.

         When asked about Silva’s new contract, Tuchel said: “It’s up to him. I can’t answer this question. But hopefully he can continue playing at this level. That’s all he needs to be here.” According to ufabet

         “It’s simple and clear like that. When you play for Chelsea you have to show off and that’s what he is doing. He’s a great professional and if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have been able to perform at that level for many years.”

         “Age doesn’t play a role. The only question we have to ask at the end of the season is: ‘Is he still on the level to compete with Chelsea in all competitions?’ It’s simple like that and we don’t need an answer right now but he’s in good shape and we’re happy.

His future needs to be looked at, but Tuchel is calm. He knows if the performances keep on coming, then Silva can be rewarded with a new deal but the displays on the pitch will do the talking.

What Thomas Tuchel said

“It’s on him,” responded to Tuchel over Silva’s future. “I cannot answer this question right now. Hopefully he can continue to perform on this kind of level. That’s all it needs to stay here. It’s as easy and as clear as that, we want top performance when you play for Chelsea you need to deliver and that’s what he’s doing.

“He is a top professional, is a given because otherwise it would not be possible that he plays on that kind of level for so many years. The age does not play a role. 

“The only question we need to ask at the end of the season, is he still on the level that we need at Chelsea to compete for every competition? Yes or no. It’s as easy as that and we have time for that. We don’t need to answer that question right now. He is in a good place and we are happy.”