Lampard held until the end of the season.

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Chelsea executives have no plans to sack Frank Lampard before the end of the season. Even if the result of the competition is not what you think.

Sky Sports reports that. Chelsea led by chairman Todd Bohly, are stepping up their recruitment process. And I’ve had conversations with several options coaches but anyway. There will be no parting ways with Lampard ahead of schedule UFABET

Chelsea sacked Graeme Potter as manager on April 2 and put Bruno Saltor in charge temporarily before choosing Lampard on a short-term basis until the end of the season. 4 days later, even though I have talked to the coach for some time. One of them is Luis Enrique.

Lampard’s performance in the first three games, losing 0-1 at Wolverhampton Wanderers, losing 0-2 at Real Madrid and losing at home to Brighton and Hove Al. Bian 1-2 was a huge disappointment for football fans. On top of that, Bohli even went into the players’ dressing room after the game to say something.

However, Lampard has an important game to open at home against Real Madrid, the second game of the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday and even if they are eliminated in this round. But the club’s legendary former midfielder will remain in charge until the end of the season. 

In the Premier League, there are also important games visiting Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United.