Gerard Pique questioned the organizers of the tournament

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Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has questioned the organizers of the tournament he views as unfair to Azul Grana.

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique believes La Liga’s unfair programming against Azul Grana has put them at a disadvantage. As reported by Mundo Deportivo on Friday. 

Barcelona play in the Champions League Group stage against Bayern Munich since Tuesday last week. But they have to wait until Monday to play Granada against Granada at Camp Nou, followed by a trip to Cadiz on Thursday, which Pique sees as a planned fixture for the team. Azulgra is at a disadvantage against other teams.

‘What I don’t understand is how they put it in a program like this. They let us play on Monday (against Granada), this is something I don’t understand.’ 

‘I don’t know which page organized the race program. How can it be like this? Why, after playing on Tuesday against Bayern, put us on Monday?’

Before Pique will refer to Frenkie de Jong’s dismissal from the field in the latest game that ‘What happened to the referee (De Jong’s red card) can happen. You can make mistakes, but here? It’s not a review It’s a reflection, I don’t understand.’