Vertigo blackout-the house rotates Lower back or lower back, what’s the cause?

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Vertigo blackout-the house rotates Lower back or lower back, what’s the cause?

I believe that many people have had symptoms of dizziness, some spinning around, some bending down and dizzy. So it’s up and the house rotates. But vertigo usually lasts for a short time. and can’t find the cause Don’t be reckless and think that it’s okay. Because vertigo may be the first symptom. or warning signs of hidden diseases in our body

Let’s go to ยูฟ่าเบท find out why. What can cause dizziness?

Vertigo What can cause?

  1. Dislocated plaque in the inner ear (benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo: BPPV), also known as vertigo. is a disease that causes vertigo the most common This disease is a degenerative disease of the inner ear. The inner ear normally contains the organs that control balance and hearing. In the balance control organs there are calcified deposits that move back and forth. When this part of the limestone sediment falls off Causing. This limestone sediment to move back and forth and sends signals to the central nervous system provoke dizziness. The house can rotate.
  2. Meniere’s disease is a disorder of the inner ear. The exact cause is still unknown. But it was found That the symptoms of the disease were cause by abnormality. Of the fluid in the inner ear. It is assume. That this may due to increase in fluid buildup in the inner ear. And narrow tubes in the inner ear makes the flow uncomfortable There is less water absorption in the inner ear than usual. or caused by allergies can cause dizziness and vertigo
  3. inflammation of the inner ear Labyrinthitis. Most inflammation of the inner ear is cause by a viral infection. Which usually has a history of colds or respiratory. Tract infections brought before But it can also be caused by a bacterial infection. Head injuries, stress, allergies, or side effects from certain medications.
  4. Acoustic neuroma is a tumor cause by The auditory nerve. Which is adjacent to the brain inside the skull. It is the most common intracranial tumor. and is not serious. It is believe that it may cause by being in a noisy place for a long time. causing dizziness, spinning house, tinnitus, noise in the ears. There may be numbness on that side of the face, staggering, or other brain symptoms.

In addition to these various causes, vertigo can cause by other diseases. Which are cause by abnormalities of the balance organs in the inner ear. Which is the part that controls balance

Therefore, if it is found that the initial symptoms of dizziness. From standing up Stooping and dizzy, staggering. Should hurry to see a doctor for examination. and continue treatment